Only the finest in locally grown meats...

Our chicken, beef and pork is either locally grown by a co-op of local farmers! All meat is free range and organic grown. Please ask us for more information.

We carry whole free-range chickens, grass-fed steaks, ribs, hot dogs in natural casings, sausages in natural casings, smoked hams, smoked turkeys, and many other items all subject to availability. Our meats sell out early!

We also offer free-range chicken eggs by the dozen. If you require a large package, just let us know.

If you need a large meat item for a Bar-B-Que (such as a whole pig), please contact us. We are here to help you with your party. Delivery and pick-up available. Check out our package deals!

Are you tired of not knowing where your meat comes from? Do you want genuine local grass fed cows?

​You have come to the right place.​ The Morris family has been feeding local families for over a decade!

​We Sell in Bulk - Buy Half a Cow!
$5.50 Per Lbs (Hanging Weight) - Get New Freezer to store it in!
Free Delivery** for the First 40 Customer only!
Offer Expires September 30th 2018

What you could expect to receive:


Ribeye, flat iron, flank, skirt, hanger, sirloin, T-bone and porterhouse or filet and New York strip, sirloin cap, tri-tip.


Chuck, bottom round, rump, sirloin, eye round.


Soup bones or oso bucco, short ribs, stew beef, londonbroil, marrow bones.

*The amount of and weight of each cut varies depending on the size of the cow.


10-15 ribeyes, 1 of each flank, skirt, sirloin, cap, tri-tip, and hanger. 3-6 flat Iron, 4-6 sirloin. If you go with t-bone and porterhouse, there are 10-13 t-bones and 2-4 porterhouse. If you go New York strip and filet, there are 10-15 strips and 4-6 filets.

Grass Fed Beef Delivered to your door with a NEW Freezer!

All Weight is based on hanging weight of cow. Final packaged weight will vary about 35% percent on average.

**Delivered within 30 miles of Lake Mary FL. Typical Cow should way between 230 and 300 Lbs for hanging weight at $5.50 per pound. Deposit Required of $600. Cow Delivery should occur between 14-21 days after deposits are received.